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Gamification vs Game-Based Training: Which is Right for You? [Part 2]

In the last post we covered when you should — and shouldn’t — use gamification for corporate training. Today we’re going to move on to game-based learning. 

Game-based learning differs from gamification in that it features course content within a relevantly themed game. Users learn by playing, and their progress is directly related to their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. 

While highly effective, game-based learning can also be expensive. So it’s important to consider which situations require the investment.

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Gamification vs Game-Based Learning: Which is Right for You? [Part 1]

If you’re considering stepping up your training game, you’ve undoubtedly run across these two terms: gamification and game-based training. 

Time wasters, your boss calls them. Miracle fixes, claim “industry experts.” 

Confused, you say. 

All jokes aside, the truth is there is no shortage of articles written about gamification and game-based training. Most pontificate about benefits and stop short of telling you anything useful.

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