5 Ways Promoting Your Game-Based Promotion In-Store Gets You a Better ROI


How did you promote the last sweepstakes or contest you ran?

I’m guessing you probably relied heavily on online promotion tactics, like social media, email blasts, or online advertising.

Most marketers tend to favour online promotion tactics when promoting their sweepstakes and contests. But neglecting in-store promotion tactics is a mistake.

Here are 5 reasons you should promote your next game-based promotions in-store.

1) Better Exposure for Your Promo

It’s pretty simple. If you promote your promo in-store, you’re going to reach more people.

And that means registration rates go up, and you achieve more of your goals.

Put signage in your store windows, plug it on shelf liners, or give handouts to consumers that they can take with them.  You can even print contest or sweepstakes details on your receipts.

Think of your store like a media channel. Everyone who walks in should hear about your promotion.

2) Increased Registrations

Getting your sales staff to plug the contest or sweepstakes is an easy way to drive registrations. And if your promo is optimized for mobile (which it should be!) consumers can register right on their smartphones.

You have a whole team of employees you can use to promote your promo in-store. So use them!

3) Drive More Sales

Any game-based promo worth it’s salt doesn’t just get digital results. It also ties directly to sales.

You can actively drive more in-store sales by showcasing discounts, offers, and product ideas on the final screen of the promo registration.

This is especially effective when you get your sales staff to drive in-store registrations. It’s easier to increase a consumer’s basket size when they are already in-store, buying your products.

4) More Loyalty Opt-Ins

When you promote your contest or sweepstakes in-store, you can convert regular shoppers to members of your loyalty program and email list.

Consumers are motivated to opt-in to your program and email list because they are rewarded for doing so. Even something as simple as more game plays can be a great incentive for consumers.

5) Enhanced Shopping Experience

Promoting your contest or sweepstakes in-store increases the chance your consumers will play it while shopping. And since game-based promos are fun, they make your consumer’s shopping experience more fun.

And when consumers enjoy shopping at your store, they’re more likely to come back and buy additional products.

That means increased purchase frequency and more sales.

The Bottom Line

Promoting your game-based contest or sweepstakes in-store is an effective way to improve the reach of your promo and get a better ROI. Plus it ensures your consumers have a positive, consistent experience whenever they interact with your brand.

Just remember integrating your contest or sweepstakes with your in-store promotion materials takes time. You should start planning your promo early to get the best results.