How to Get Consumers to Listen to Your Marketing Message


As marketers, we all know that educating consumers is a key part of moving them along the path to purchase.  The problem is consumers are overwhelmed with marketing messages. Not only do you have to get consumers to care; you have to get them to listen in the first place.

In this video, Launchfire co-founder AJ Pratt breaks down how game-based promotions, contests, and sweepstakes can help brands reach consumers and educate them while they play. You can watch it here or keep reading for the transcript.

Video Transcript

At the end of the day what a brand wants is for us to do something — usually buy something, download something, or come into their restaurant. And we need to know the most important thing: why do I want to do that?

Brands want to move you along that path to purchase or the path to adoption. And there are steps along the way where we all need to understand: what’s in it for us. 

What do they have that I want to buy? How is it going to help my life or save me time. 

What is it that makes us do what they want us to do — and education is a key part to that.

The challenge is: how do you get my time to listen to your message? You may have a great message, but there are too many of you out there. There’s a proliferation of media. I just looked at my own inbox and I probably get 150 emails a day from places I’ve bought from before (or places that somehow got my name on a list) and they’re just hammering me with stuff.

How Do Game-Based Promotions Help?

So with game-based promotions you’ve got two key things right off the get go: it’s premised on play and win. Who’s getting something out of that? The user.

First of all, who doesn’t like to win. So we look at a targeted prize that’s right for the right demographic. But I find a lot of it is done so well within the play. We know what games pull people in, that have little hooks in them like risk and reward that are funnily frustrating (and I know that’s not an English word but it actually works!) People will play the game and then they won’t quite get to where they want to, and they’ll say that little curse word under their breath, and what will they do? They will want to climb that mountain again. 

And to play again, what do they need to do? They need to do one of those things that ties back to the business goals: they take time to learn, or they purchase, or they download. Those are the mechanisms that pull people into the programs. And they get pulled in without really knowing it because they think they’re playing for themselves — but they’re actually learning all the things you want them to know about your brand. 

This transcript has been edited lightly for clarity.