Why You Should Gamify Your Holiday Recipe Marketing


Do you remember the last time you hosted a holiday dinner?

I sure do. I printed half a dozen recipes off Pinterest and had the cooking scheduled down to the minute.  It was nuts. But it turns out, I’m not alone. At least on the recipe part.

According to a new study by Acosta, 72% of shoppers host dinners or parties over the holiday season. [1] And over 68% of those shoppers say they prepare new recipes for that event. [2]

Sound like a golden opportunity for recipe marketing? You bet it is.

People are Trying New Recipes

There’s a lot of recipe hunting happening around the holidays. And it’s happening predominantly on channels that brands can influence: [3]

44% - food websites

43% - magazines/websites

33% - social media

28% - in grocery stores

That means brands have the opportunity to promote their products within recipes. You could showcase new ways to use popular products. Or upsell consumers by having multiple branded products within one recipe.

People are Upgrading to Brand Name Products

Consumers are also more likely to buy your brand’s version of an ingredient over the holidays.

25% of shoppers say they upgrade to brand name products or splurge on “better” brand name products over the holidays. [4]

And that means listing brand name products in your recipes is more likely to make an impact this holiday season. Think “Gigi’s Salsa” instead of just “Salsa.”

The only problem is everyone and their mother does recipe marketing. Not to mention you’re competing against millions of recipes from Pinterest, food blogs, and magazines. So how do you cut through the clutter?

Gamify your recipe marketing.

And I don’t mean adding points and badges for downloading recipes.  Make your recipes a central part of a game-based contest or sweepstakes.

Get Better Results With Game-Based Recipe Marketing

Imagine a game that features your products as collectible ingredients within recipes.  Consumers have to spin a wheel and collect each product to be entered into a grand prize draw.  

Why does this work better than regular recipe marketing?

1) Better Engagement

Consumers who engage repetitively with your recipes are more likely to try them. And in turn, they’re more likely to buy your products.

Game-based promotions prompt repetitive engagement because they make playing addictive. Consumers want to keep coming back and play for their chance to win. And when they do, they spend more time exposed to and engaged with your recipe.

2) Reach More People

By incentivizing social sharing within the game, you increase the reach of your recipe marketing.  More people reading your recipes means more product exposure and more sales.

All you have to do is offer perks for sharing your recipes.

3) Drive Sales Two Ways

Gamifying your recipe marketing motivates consumers to purchase your products. But you can also tie the game directly to sales. Purchase codes that can be redeemed in game are a great way to further boost sales.  Consumers simply buy products, then punch in the purchase code to get game perks.

The Bottom Line

People spend more on groceries, buy brand name products, and try new recipes over the holiday season. And that means there is a killer opportunity for grocers and food brands to drive sales with recipe marketing.

Gamifying your recipe marketing is an effective way to increase the chance consumers try your recipes, improve the reach of your marketing efforts, and drive more sales. Plus it’s fun. And who doesn’t like a little fun around the holidays?