How Grocers Can Boost Sales with Game-Based Recipe Marketing


Picture this:

You’re scrolling through Pinterest and see a recipe for barbecue chicken wraps. It looks pretty tasty, so you hit Pin, and keep scrolling.

Then you get an email from your grocery store letting you know you could win $100,000 by playing their new game. You could use 100 grand (who couldn’t?), so you click to play. In the game you’re asked to guess the correct ingredients for a buffalo mac-n-cheese recipe. You play for a bit, collect all the ingredients (score!) and download the recipe.

Later that week you’re putting together your grocery list, brainstorming ideas for meals. Which of those two recipes do you think you’d be more likely to remember?

The Trouble With Traditional Recipe Marketing

Recipe marketing is a great way to educate consumers and encourage purchases without discounting products.

The problem is everyone does it.

There are a ton of recipes competing for your customers’ attention.

And that means your recipes have to not only stand out — they have to be memorable enough that consumers think of them when shopping.

Using Game-Based Marketing to Stand Out

One way to stand out and make your recipes memorable is with game-based marketing.

Game-based marketing works because it gives customers a reason to engage with your recipes.

There’s something in it for them.

Consumers will initially sign up because of the prizing, but they’ll also spend more time engaged with your recipes because the game is fun.

And because consumers spend more time engaged, your recipe stays top of mind for longer than if they just skim over it while scrolling through Pinterest. And that means the chance they’ll actually use your recipes — and buy your products — increases.

Rewarding for Purchase

Once you’ve got consumers’ attention and they’re engaged with your recipes, it’s time to give them a final nudge towards making a purchase.

Here’s how:

Make your game as fun and addictive as possible so consumers want to keep playing. Then limit the amount they can play, and offer them chances to earn extra plays (or chances to win) if they take certain actions.

Actions like (you guessed it) making a purchase.

The Bottom Line

Recipes are a great marketing tool for grocery stores. But you need to give consumers a reason to check out your recipes, not the millions of other recipes out there.

The goal is simple: make your recipes more fun and more valuable than the competitions.

Easiest way to do that? Make them into a game.

Game-based marketing gives customers a reason to engage with your recipes. It rewards them for making a purchase. And it can attract partner funding that reduces your marketing costs and increases the reach of your promotion.