How to Boost Your Loyalty Program with Game-Based Promotions [Report]


Your loyalty program is a hub of your best customers.

But if you’re just rewarding for purchase, you’re leaving money on the table.

In our new report, The Loyalty Marketer’s Report: Boosting Your Program with Gamified Promos, you’ll get best practices for increasing your loyalty ROI with game-based promotions.

Learn how to:

  • Convert shoppers to members

  • Build habits and increase regular program use

  • Reduce points liability without annoying your customers

  • Create profiles & personalize your program

  • Deepen customers engagement with your brand

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Key Findings

  • 97% of loyalty programs rely on solely on transactional rewards

  • 77% of transaction loyalty programs (point-per-purchase) fail within the first 2 years

  • Only 22% of members are satisfied with level of personalization they’re getting in their loyalty programs

  • Consumers remain actively engaged in less than half of the loyalty programs they sign up for

  • One of the most effective ways to increase the regular use of your program with game-based loyalty promotions

  • 27% of millennials continue their participation in a loyalty program because of gamification elements