Why You Should Reward Consumers for Purchase (and how to do it)


If you’re thinking of running a sweepstakes or contest, you’ve probably already thought about the kind of prize you want to have or how you’ll tie it to your brand.

But have you considered how it will drive sales — not just brand awareness?

A lot of the time contests & sweepstakes are missing a direct link to sales. The problem with that is twofold:

  1. Without a direct tie to sales, it’s virtually impossible for marketers to prove their promotion had an impact on the bottom line — let alone how much of an impact

  2. There’s no motivation for consumers to make a purchase. Your promotion may inspire or educate consumers, but it’s missing that final step: incentive to buy now.

Wouldn’t it be great the next time you run a contest or sweepstakes, you could say (with confidence) it drove an 11% lift in sales? Or an 8% increase in purchase frequency? Or a 20% increase to average basket size?

Sounds more impressive than we had 10,000 people register, right?

The easiest way to drive a measurable sales lift is to simply reward for purchase.  You’re already rewarding consumers for joining your email list, or sharing on social. Why not also give them a reward for making a purchase?

The Best Way to Reward for Purchase (by Industry)

There are a variety of ways you can reward for purchase, but different methods generate different results. 

In our new report, The Best Way to Tie Your Promotion to Purchase, you’ll learn the best way to reward for purchase for your industry — as well as which methods to avoid.

You’ll learn:

  • Which methods are the most effective at increasing purchase frequency and basket size

  • The best way to reward for purchase for your particular industry

  • Why you should absolutely never use photo receipt to reward for purchase

Ready to drive a bigger sales lift with your next interactive promotion?

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Key Findings

  • 55% of consumers are more likely to purchase a sponsors product if they can earn chances to win

  • Only 0.14% of consumers upload photos of their receipt to promotional sites