The Best Way to Increase Product Views


Getting people to explore your products can be a challenge — especially if you have a lot of them. Too many options can be overwhelming, which can lead to attrition.

40% of consumers have made a purchase on another site or in-store because they were overwhelmed by too many options when trying to make a decision [1]

For some retailers, personalized quizzes and other interactive games can help narrow down customers’ choices. But that only works when customers believe there is a right product for them personally.

For example, you might be willing to fill out a quiz to get makeup recommendations for your skin tone. But you probably wouldn’t do that to choose a brand of sunscreen.

In instances when it doesn’t make sense to narrow products through recommendations, you need to make it (a) fun to explore your products, and (b) give customers a reason to do so.

The best way we’ve found to do that is a gamified product hub.

What is a Gamified Product Hub?

A gamified product hub is pretty much what it sounds like: a product hub that use gamification elements to make product exploration fun.

Here’s how it works: you show off your products in a mobile responsive hub (think grid formations, or pinterest-esque hubs). Then you add a game that encourages customers to explore for a chance to win a prize.

6 Reasons Gamified Product Hubs Rock

1. You Expose Customers to Products They Don’t Already Know About

Most customers use product pages to look up more information about products they already know about and are considering.

However, a gamified product hub exposes customers to more of your products, and gets them interested in products they weren’t previously aware of. This helps you get more value out of your product pages; increasing the chance customers buy additional products they otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

2. You Can Educate as They Play

There are a few different types of games you could use in your gamified product hub — a common one being the “treasure hunt” style game — but the best game we’ve found is actually a riddle game.

When you make the riddles about your products, you can educate consumers while they’re exploring. You can structure the riddle around the value proposition for the product, so when customers solve the riddle they also understand why they might want to purchase the product.

3. Customers are Actively Engaged with All Your Products

Riddle games also help ensure your customers are not only looking at your products, but actively engaging with them.

Instead of just scrolling through your products looking for a hidden “treasure” (think Easter egg hunt games), a riddle game forces customers to think about each of your products. This means they’ll be exposed to each product longer — and engage with more of the educational messaging.

4. CPG Partners Will Kick in Cash

If you sell mostly CPG partner products, you can often get CPG companies to help fund your gamified hub.

Because you can use riddles to feature specific brands more prominently, there is a significant value for your CPG partners to get involved. By featuring their products they’re increasing not only brand awareness — but also educating consumers in a fun environment.

CPG companies will often pay to have their products featured in the hub — which cuts down on your costs and boosts your ROI!

5. They’re Seasonal

Another benefit of gamified hubs is that you don’t need to include every single one of your products. Instead you can run a gamified hub campaign periodically, tying it into different seasons, holidays, or trends.

For example, you could run a holiday gift guide around the holidays with riddles about who specific products would be good gifts for.

Or if you also sell your own brand, you can highlight new additions to your product line in a “new arrivals” hub.

6. You Can Personalize Your Hub

If you hook your gamified hub up to your loyalty program, you can also personalize your hub based on customer’s shopping history.

Instead of showing a generalized group of products, you can customize what they see — and the riddles they are asked — by what the customer is more likely to be interested in purchasing.

7. They Increase Product Views By 3,400%

Don’t believe us? Check out how one national retailer did just that!

The Bottom Line

If you have a lot of products on your website, you need to find ways to make product exploration fun and rewarding for customers.

A gamified product hub can help increase product views, while simultaneously educating consumers about the value of your products. You can use a gamified hub to help keep your products top of mind at key points in the year — like around the holidays. And you can get CPG partners to kick in dough, which reduces costs and increases your ROI.