How to Attract CPG Partners for Your Promotion



That’s how much a recent promotion cost one of our clients.

No, really.

Our client had so many CPG partners sponsor the promotion that it not only paid for itself — they actually made money.

Not to mention the campaign seriously increased their sales that quarter.

Talk about earning your bonus!

Obviously, a CPG partner can have a major impact on your ROI — from reducing costs associated with prizing to kicking in cash to feature their products.

But to get them on board, you need to offer value in return.

Here’s how you can secure a promotional partner for your next campaign.

5 Steps to Securing a CPG Partner

1. Nail Down Your Media Plan

Partners are going to want to know that you've got enough skin in the game.  So get your media plan finalized as early as possible so you can show prospective partners how you plan to promote your promotion.  By showing your partners how you plan to drive awareness and traffic to your program you’ll increase the value of your program

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2. Make Products the Hero

If you want to attract a CPG partner, your promotion needs to offer as many branding opportunities as possible. Products need to be front and centre — and consumers should interact with them frequently.

For grocery stores, the best bet is to run a recipe game that features CPG partner products — like in the example I gave earlier. For retailers, a gamified hub is a good option. You can feature your partner’s products in the hub and increase product views by 4300%.

3. Consider Running a Game-Based Promotion

An easy way to make sure your promotion offers a ton of value to sponsors is by running a game-based marketing campaign.

Because game-based promotions are fun, consumers engage for longer. Which means you have more opportunities to feature your partner’s products and engage consumers with their brand.

Game-based promotions can also be very effective for educating consumers about your partners’ about products. Where traditional hit and run sweepstakes merely display products on their splash page, a game-based promotion can have consumers interacting with products and key messaging as part of game play.  CPG brands’ll love it!

You can even help drive sales by rewarding players with in-game perks when they purchase one of your partner’s products.  If you can help them drive sales, your odds of getting funding go way up!

4. Decide What to Offer Sponsors

Beyond featuring their products in your promotion, you can offer CPG partners additional value with email list opt-in, slash page integration, banner ads, and interstitials.

  1. Email List Opt-Ins. You can help build your partner’s email lists by featuring opt-ins within your promotion. Offering rewards for joining email lists is a great way to drive consumer action — and that list can be valuable to your partner, long after the promotion ends.

  2. Splash Page Integration. Keeping brands — and products — top of mind is important, even to well-established companies. Highlight the potential reach of your promotion to your partner, and offer to integrate their branding with your splash page.

  3. Banner Ads. Banner ads that feature game-based promotions see higher click through rates than their regular counterparts. You can feature your partner’s products as prizes on the ads — it’s great exposure for them, and will entice consumers to play.

  4. Interstitials. Interstitials are a great way to show off your partner’s offering within your promo. You can broadcast a partner ad before the game starts, or at the end of each round. You can even drive consumers to engage with the ads by giving them extra game plays when they watch each video.

5. Run Your Program Annually

When you run your program annually, you have the benefit of building brand equity in your marketing. Consumers start to look forward to your promotions — and it will organically grow over time.

Consider Tim Horton’s Roll-Up-The-Rim-to-Win promotion. This promo has an almost cult following in Canada. People who don’t even like Tim’s coffee, still stop by for the chance to win.

Annual promotions like this can snowball.  As the promotion’s brand equity increase, partner commitments grow, thereby further building the promotion’s brand.  

The Bottom Line

A CPG partner can have a huge impact on your bottom line. But to attract a promotional partner, you need to offer them value.

Make sure products are the hero of your campaign, and offer your partners additional value from email opt-in lists, splash page integration, banners, or interstitials.

Then run your program annually to organically increase it’s reach — and attract even more CPG partners.