4 Killer Insights to Help Grocers and Food Brands Drive Sales


In the last couple of years we’ve been able to help our food marketing  (i.e., grocery and food brands) clients increase basket size and purchase frequency.  I thought I’d share some of our food marketing insight.

A Recipe for Success

One thing our grocery & food brand clients have in common is they all use recipes to promote their products.  Makes sense, right?  Nest your products within great recipes and folks’ll need to buy your stuff so they can make the meals.  Trouble is, if everyone’s using the same tactic, how can we make sure our recipes cut through the butter? (I know, it’s too much...).  

One tactic we’ve used with great success is gamification.  We’ve challenged consumers to do everything from collecting to guessing ingredients, and the results have been outstanding.  By gamifying our clients’ recipes we’ve been able to prompt longer and deeper engagement, social sharing, and sales of specific products. Here’s a gamified recipe promo we built for one of our grocery clients!


A friend of mine’s mom used to collect anything with a duck on it.  I first noticed it while sitting in their kitchen one day.  Everywhere I looked were things with ducks on them. Paintings, napkins, spoon handles, you name it. 

It occurred to me that her house was full of things she would not otherwise have bought were they not ducked up, if you will. 

Well, it turns out she wasn’t all that unusual. 

People like to collect things and they’ll go out of their way to do so.  We’ve found that including collectibles in our promotions will motivate people to buy more products and return to our clients’ stores more frequently.  Duck ya!

Backend Integration, Now That’s Loyalty!

One the challenges with we face when tasked with driving sales is how to track purchases.  Of course the knee jerk reaction is to try to integrate our promotion DBs with the client’s POS (‘nough acronyms for ya?!).  Trouble is most data warehousing companies aren’t set up for exporting data and their tech teams are too busy to build custom solutions.  So POS usually turns out to be a PITA.  

What has worked well is integration with our client’s loyalty databases. Loyalty members already have profiles and their purchases are already being tracked so all we’ve gotta do is link loyalty card numbers to the data we import and boom, we can track and reward for purchase.

On a side note, we’ve also developed some great tactics for driving new loyalty program registrations.  So backend integration can be a real one-two punch!

Digital Coupons

I know what you’re thinking; No sh*!t, knocking a few shekels off the price of a product is going to prompt some sales.  It’s certainly not going to result in less sales!  Thanks for the insight baldy

That’s not what’s new though.  What’s new is the distribution tactics.  We all know coupons work.  But what are we getting out of them?  Well, typically it’s a short term spike in sales, right?  But what we’ve found is that by incorporating them into a promotion we can increase our R-O-coupon-I.  We’ve had great success using them as secondary prizing to reward participants for doing nice things for us like opting into our email list, sharing with friends, joining our social communities, and so on.  And the best part is, those coupons have still prompted promotion participants to buy our clients products to boot.  Not bad, huh?