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How to Use Gamified Promotions to Drive Holiday Sales

How to Use Gamified Promotions to Drive Holiday Sales

When people think of gamification and digital promotions, most think about improving brand engagement or driving traffic on social.

But what about sales?

Gamified promotions can offer fun and interactive content at every stage along the path to purchase, from providing gift inspiration to rewarding for purchases. By making the shopping journey enjoyable, gamified promotions can help drive more sales during the all important Q4.

1) Provide Gift Inspiration

When most people start gift shopping they are unsure what they want to get. Gamified promotions can give consumers ideas about how something could be used, or who it could be given to. This makes holiday shopping easier for consumers and increases the chance they’ll purchase your product.

There are a few different ways you can provide gift inspiration within a gamified promotion:

You can showcase products in gift lists or sets. Within the game, consumers can try to collect each product in the set to win prizes. Think McDonalds' Monopoly or Cracker Barrel’s All American Spin ‘n’ Win.

You can also offer product recommendation quizzes as part of the game.  This makes holiday shopping more convenient for consumers, and makes their experience feel more personal.  

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2) Educate about Products from Within the Game

We all know the way people shop has changed. Consumers tend to research products to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck.  In fact, Google searches related to “best” products have grown more than 50% in the last year.

You can make learning about your products fun by incorporating product information into your game.  This can take the form of product trivia games, incentivized product exploration or interstitials that consumers can watch for additional perks.

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3) Reward for Purchases

A great way to drive sales is rewarding consumers for purchases. Customers could enter a PIN code they receive at checkout or take a photo of their receipt to earn in-game perks. This will help increase purchase frequency and drive additional product sales as people try to earn more chances to win.

You can also streamline the journey between research and purchase by making it simple to buy products within your promotion. This could be a ‘buy now’ button on showcased products that links to your ecommerce site.  Or a ‘find in-store’ button that drives traffic to your stores

Regardless of what you choose, the goal needs to be convenience. 

The Bottom Line

The holidays are busy. Busy for consumers, busy for marketers, and busy in the marketplace.

A gamified promotion helps you cut through the clutter and keeps your brand top of mind when consumers are looking for gift ideas.  Combined with components that make it convenient and rewarding to shop, a gamified promotion can be a home run this holiday season.


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