The #1 Mistake That's Killing Your Sweepstakes ROI


All too often I come across what I call “Hit-and-Run” promotions. 

You’ve seen them.  They’re the digital sweepstakes that feature prizing visuals and a registration form on the splash page. 

After entering my personal info and clicking submit I’m shown a “Thank You” page and the virtual door.  Frankly I don’t understand why advertisers run promotions like this. 

All I see is a missed opportunity. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. 

You land on the splash page of a Hit-and-Run promo. You see the prizing visuals, which makes sense because that is the only thing that might motivate you to register.  If the prizing is lame, you leave.  If the prizing is good, you sign up.  The only value being offered is the prize, so once you’ve registered you leave. 

In both cases, the only thing you’re going to remember about the experience is the prizing.  

From an advertiser’s perspective Hit-and-Run sweepstakes just don’t make sense.  They waste a valuable opportunity to engage with consumers.  They do little, if anything, to promote the sponsoring brand.  Nor do they educate consumers about the brand's value propositions. 

And they definitely don’t drive repeat traffic or prolonged engagement. 

 I take it back! Bow down before the Like.

I take it back! Bow down before the Like.

At best the advertiser glean's some consumer contact information and maybe a Facebook like (whatever that's worth).

If you are going to invest the money and effort (planning, development, prizing, legal services, fulfillment, media, etc.) required to execute a Hit-and-Run sweepstakes, why stop short? 

By using game-based marketing you can keep consumers engaged and create a more impactful brand experience. 

What’s more, if your content is good consumers can become addicted and spend hours engaged with your brand.  Once you have a engaged audience you can broadcast messaging to motivate them to do any number of things. Things like buying your stuff, opting in to your email list, telling their friends, etc. 

That’s an awful lot of return for a small incremental expense.  Just saying...


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