5 Reasons Why Game-Based Promos Rock for Women


Trying to connect with the women in your target market?

Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider a game-based promotion.

1) Women connect with brands digitally. A lot.

A recent study by Influenster for Adweek indicated that 3/4 of women connect digitally with a brand at least a few times a week, whether on their website or through social media (1). Yes, you read that right. Multiple times a week.

Who are they interacting with? (1)

Beauty - 90%

Personal Care - 61%

Restaurants - 49%

Food and Beverage - 48%

Retailers - 45%

Electronics/Tech - 34%

What are they doing? (2)

Checking online customer reviews - 37%

Browsing products before purchasing - 36%

Following brands on social media - 19%

Signing up for email newsletters - 19%

Signing up for mobile notifications - 14%

Since large percentages of women regularly check in on brands online, make sure you’ve got something that keeps them engaged with you and not the competition.

Game-based promos are a great way to drive engagement. Why? They’re fun so people want to keep playing them -- that means repeat interactions and increased brand exposure. Plus they can generate a lot of social buzz, bringing more traffic to your website and even driving sales!

2) Women make up the majority of casual gamers.

 All I'm saying is if you don't look at this digital farm, you're dead to me.

All I'm saying is if you don't look at this digital farm, you're dead to me.

No, we’re not kidding. 70% of women play mobile games regularly (3). Another surprising fact? 61% of gamers in the US are parents.

Yup, that means that most casual gamers aren’t teenage boys hanging out in basements.

It’s their moms.

So how do you connect with the gamer moms out there? Consider an Advergame — they’re great at driving brand engagement and sales. Plus they’re addictively fun!

3) Women access your stuff with their phones.

Like 90% of them (4). If you want to stay relevant, now’s the time to jump on the mobile bandwagon. And just like your website, your promotions need to be optimized for mobile. Game-based promotions are perfect for mobile users -- they’re quick, fun, and can be played whenever they have some downtime. Plus they drive engagement and sales.  


4) Women post about you on social media.

64% of women have made an original social media post about a brand (1). That’s a lot of buzz! How do you get some of those posts on your pages? Try a Collection Game -- they drive social sharing and sales!


5) Women look for pictures of your stuff.

Instagram was the survey respondents’ favourite social media platform to interact with brands on according to Adweek — with 81% saying they prefer it to any other platform (1). Why? They want to know more about products.

72% say they follow a brand to get early info on new products and 70% to get updates about current products/services (1).

And the best way to showcase products? Pictures.

You know what else has pictures? Game-based promotions. Show them cool pictures of your products or get them to share their own with a User-Generated Content Contest.


The Bottom Line

Women may be connecting with your brand digitally, but that doesn’t mean they’re converting. Game-based promotions are a great way to encourage engagement and brand awareness while driving sales.