What the Heck are Game-Based Promotions?

Glad you asked.

Game-based promotions are a form of game-based marketing that use prizes and game tactics to drive user actions.

In other words they're digital promotions (like sweepstakes and contests) that've been turned into a game in order to drive specific consumer behaviour (usually purchase).

Some examples would be...

  • Spin to Win Promotions

  • Advergames

  • Collect & Win Promotions

  • User Generated Contests

  • Matching Games

  • Puzzle Games

  • Trivia Games

  • Pretty much any kind of game you can think of.  (Except maybe Call of Duty.)

Basically, they take your boring brand/product content and make it fun for consumers to engage with.

And that has a big benefit to you, since people who enjoy your game are more likely to spend time playing it and think positively about your brand.  (Or in marketing speak: it’ll increase user engagement and create positive brand experiences.)

You can also do fun things like drive sales and email list opt-ins — even get people to sign up for your loyalty program.

It all sounds pretty simple, but getting game-based promotions right can be tricky.  Without a solid understanding of both gamification design and strategy your cool new promotion will go from gamification to ‘lamification’.

So, regardless of if you're a gamification boss or you’re just starting out, this handy collection of articles will help you design and execute the best gamified promotions you can possibly create.

We’ll cover everything from gamification best practices, to planning strategy, to prizing.

Read them all now if you like, or spread it out over a few days. Maybe read one each day at 3PM when you’re going through caffeine withdrawal and 5PM seems like a lifetime away.

No matter when you read them, these articles will help fill out your knowledge of game-based promotions. So when your boss asks “we’re building a what?” you can blow him/her away with all your knowledge about how game-based promotions drive better results and measurable ROI (don’t worry, we’ll cover this).

PS: make sure to bookmark this page, so you can come back anytime you have a question. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Post your question in the comments!


Game-Based Promotion Essentials

Gamification: The Basics

Moving Beyond Points and Badges: Avoiding the Bad Gamification Trap

To change your consumers’ behaviour you have to motivate them. And that means first understanding what they really want. Not just adding points or badges.

Why TV Ads are No Match for Game-Based Marketing

This post is the answer to your boss’s question about why you are choosing gamified promotions over TV ads. (hint: it has to do with engagement and measurement)

The #1 Mistake Killing Your Sweepstakes ROI

There’s a simple answer to why sweepstakes don’t always get the best results. (hint: it has to do with not using game-based marketing)


Game-Based Promotions and Prizes

3 Reasons You Need Sweet Prizes for Your Promotion

Promotions need to have appealing prizes if you want them to be successful. End of story.

How to Choose the Right Prize for Your Contest or Sweepstakes

Not every prize is right for every situation or audience. Make sure you are attracting qualified leads not just prize hunters.


Game-Based Promotion Goals & Strategy

8 Marketing Goals You Can Achieve with a Game-Based Promotion

You can achieve more than you think. These are the 8 most popular goals we go after with our clients’ promos.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Digital Promotion

Everyone makes mistakes. We know we’ve made some over the years. Luckily, with this post you can learn from our mistakes and avoid some common errors we see people make all the time.

6 Ways to Boost In-Store Sales with Game-Based Promos

Just because your game-based promotion is online, doesn’t mean it can’t drive in-store results. Learn how to bridge the gap between online and in-store and get results that grow your bottom line.

How to Educate Consumers and Sell More Stuff with Game-Based Promotions

Sweepstakes can do more than just drive traffic to your website. This post will show you how to educate consumers and boost your sales with a game-based promo.


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Finally, once you’ve read all these articles check out this guide to get step-by-step advice on how to plan for success with your game-based promotion. Learn how to build a promotion that’s not only fun - but also profitable.

Click here to get your copy of The Comprehensive Guide to Planning Your Game-Based Promotion