How to Educate Consumers Without Boring Them to Death

Did you know marketing & advertising is one of the least trusted industries?

I mean… it’s not surprising. When’s the last time you watched a TV ad and thought “wow, I really trust what they’re saying. They have my best interests at heart.”

Nowadays, consumers see through marketing messages with a quick google search.

As a result, they’re carving their own shopping journeys -- stealing control from traditionally brand run moments, like product research.

What the Heck are Gamified Promotions?

Glad you asked. Simply put, gamified promotions are digital promotions (like sweepstakes and contests) that have been turned into a game. 

They take your boring brand/product content and make it fun for consumers to engage with. 

(Or in marketing speak: it’ll increase user engagement and create positive brand experiences.)

4 Ways Restaurants Can Drive Traffic this Winter (no discounts required)

Winter. It’s the most wonderful time of the year - unless of course you're in the restaurant business.

As foot traffic takes a nose dive along with the temperature, most restaurant marketers are throwing discounts around like kids having a snowball fight.

But saving money doesn’t combat the biggest problem restaurants face in winter: no one wants to go outside.

3 Last Minute Holiday Promotion Ideas

It’s October. Everyone has officially settled back into work after their summer vacations.  You’re looking at your calendar when a familiar sensation of dread creeps in.

You started planning your holiday marketing promotion before you left for holidays. Didn’t you?

Before you run screaming from your cubicle, take a deep breath. We’re here to help.