How to Easily Influence Consumer Decisions at the Purchase Stage

You did it. 

You ran beautifully branded social media campaigns that caught your customer’s attention. You carefully educated them about the benefits of your product with fun interactive website content. You gave them social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials.

They’re ready to buy. 

And thanks to your hard work, they’re ready to buy from you. 

Pat yourself on the back. Pop the champagne. Your job as a marketer is over. 

Or is it?

How to Educate Consumers Without Boring Them to Death

Did you know marketing & advertising is one of the least trusted industries?

I mean… it’s not surprising. When’s the last time you watched a TV ad and thought “wow, I really trust what they’re saying. They have my best interests at heart.”

Nowadays, consumers see through marketing messages with a quick google search.

As a result, they’re carving their own shopping journeys -- stealing control from traditionally brand run moments, like product research.